Corazón & Sabor

About El Sabor Market

Welcome to El Sabor Market – Your Gateway to Authentic Mexican Flavors in the US

As Mexican-Americans living in the US, we founded El Sabor Market out of a deep-rooted love for the rich, diverse flavors of Mexican cuisine and a longing for the tastes of home. In Mexico, every occasion, from celebrations to solemn gatherings, revolves around food – a tradition we yearned to continue. This desire led to the birth of El Sabor Market, an ecommerce platform dedicated to bringing the finest, gourmet Mexican flavors right to your doorstep.

Our Difference: Diversity and Authenticity

El Sabor Market stands out as a unique destination where you can find an extensive range of Mexican products, from renowned commercial brands to premium and gourmet selections. Unlike other platforms that offer limited options, we pride ourselves on sourcing products from all brands, including those small and mid-sized businesses that previously couldn't reach the US market due to import regulations. Our mission is to open a world of flavor opportunities both for these authentic Mexican brands and for you.

For Every Occasion: Curated Bundles Just for You

Understanding the diverse needs of our customers, we've crafted special bundles for every occasion. Whether it's the Tia Maria bundle to reflect your Tia's special seasoning or sazón , the Futbol bundle for a soccer night, or the Taquero bundle full of salsas and rubs, our selections cater to everyone's tastes. These bundles are designed to make your shopping experience convenient, enjoyable, and reminiscent of the Mexican way of life.

Our Mission: Bringing Mexico to Your Table

At El Sabor Market, our mission is twofold. To our consumers, we promise to bring an authentic Mexican experience into your homes and lives. We aim for you to relish the sabores as if you were sitting in your grandma's kitchen or enjoying the vibrant atmosphere of a Mexican rancho. To our partner brands, we offer an expansive platform to grow and introduce their exquisite products to new horizons.

Experience Tradition with Every Sense

Step into a world where every product tells a story – a story of tradition, culture, and the warmth of Mexican hospitality. Our platform isn't just about shopping; it's about experiencing Mexico through its vibrant colors, tantalizing aromas, and unparalleled tastes.

Looking Ahead: More Than Just a Store

In our journey ahead, we're excited to launch a blog featuring recipes, cooking tips, and cultural insights. We'll also introduce a section for customers to request specific products and a portal for restaurants and brands to collaborate with us. Stay tuned as we continue to evolve, bringing more of Mexico to your table.